Daily Dump: 2 Chase’s 1 Cup, Lou Holtz Is Sorry, Austin GameDay Signs, TBS Game 6 Issues And Playboy Guitar Hero



2 Chase’s, 1 Cup suddenly rockets up our all-time greatest sign list.

We were just like the rest of you last night. “Where the f@ck is Game 6, TBS?”

In the horror of missing a pitch, the channel kept changing between TBS and Fox. Maybe there was a mistake and the game was switched.

Then we figured, “Oh, it’s an 8:05 broadcast start.” Nope.

Suddenly, after watching Texas score for the fifth consecutive time the channel went back to TBS only to find a shitload of screen fuzz but a broadcast that looked like a baseball game.

Then, later we tune into Spike for Joe Rogan and find him looking like a mountainman with some weird beard.

It was a crazy night and your loyal blogger only had one beer.

Daily Dump:

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