The Afternoon Dump: The Better Side Of Roller Derby, Everyone Hates Paris Hilton, Some Military Babes, Some Smart Loyal Fans


Moran Atias is one beautiful Israeli woman.

Wow, last night was crazy. The Red Sox come back to a 7-0 deficit late in the game. That was just luck. Lets go Rays.

Purdue heads off to Northwestern for the game tomorrow. I think its time for Purdue to go undefeated for the rest of the season. So I pick them by 10, I would say more but the QB for Northwestern is pretty good.

Colts will win. No doubt there.

Have a good weekend.

Afternoon Dump

Congrats to the guys over at Steady Burn for launching their new site, go check out their first post on the nicer side of Roller Derby [Steady Burn]

Oh no, someone doesn’t like Paris, the world is going to end now [Celebslam]

Polamalu doesn’t like the new way the NFL does business [Co-ed Magazine]

10 t-shirt designs you wish you came up with [uncoached]

If you like the women of UFC then you should check this out (NSFW) [on 205th]

A cheep kind of beer you may want to consider [Tasty Booze]

You may want to join the military after you see some of these girls [Bright Black Internet]

It looks really good when you can get your fans to actually do this [Brahsome]

A few things for you Rays fans to think about [Epic Carnival]

My man Mark doesn’t like Jewish people to much [Drunken Stepfather]

Some key things to think about if your NCAAF team is done for [Next Round]

Where is Pacman Jones, wait I mean Adam Jones [Deuce of Davenport]

It would be awesome to photograph a girl that looks like this [Machochip]

7 funny mixed moments pictures [Banned in Hollywood]

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