Daily Dump: Evan Longoria Hooking Up With Cheerleader?, Football Team Is 0 For Last 51, Drill Baby Drill & Key West Fantasy Fest




Danielle Lloyd knows how to build a business. 

We’re cutting things short this morning.

The body and mind just aren’t meshing and a big, fluffy pillow is calling our name.

Maybe your loyal blogger will return later this morning or afternoon. Or maybe not.

Today’s Dump:

Evan Longoria hooking up with Bucs’ cheerleader? [SbB]

College lets 40-year-old play, team is 0 for last 51 [Press Democrat]

Jets owner makes ex listen to his new baby pop out [Machochip]

5 sports that will be replaced by video games [Bush League]

This Drill, Baby, Drill shirt offended McCain [College OTR]

The shirt that’ll get you all the ladies [Banned In Hollywood]

HBO Presidential debate had plenty of profanity [YepYep]

How to spot McCain and Obama supporters [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail: 

Serial WAG Danielle Lloyd opens her own business [Sports Crackle Pop]

Reason #1 to attend Coastal Carolina: the women [Uncoached]

She has a pulse, of course you are looking [Coed]

It’s Fantasy Fest time in Key West [Don Chavez]

Who’s Nailin’ Palin: Behind the scenes [Phil Knows Best]

Christina Aguilera belting out a few notes [on205th]

Katy Perry has a little trouble standing up [Bright Black Internet]

Shannon would be a major ‘get’ in your life [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

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