$50 Will Get You 4 BYU Cheerleaders For An Hour


Our research team continues to go the extra mile to give you the latest hourly rates to ‘rent’ cheerleaders.

Today, thanks to news that BYU was soundly beaten by TCU, our attention turns to the Mormon ladies. Initially we figured there was no way a holy school like Brigham Young would pimp out their cheerleaders.

How wrong we were.

We charge $50 an hour for four cheerleaders and $75 an hour for six cheerleaders. We do not charge for elementary schools, but we gladly accept donations. Appearance requests must be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.

Well, based on the way things have been going for Busted Coverage we have some extra pocket change. Mark us down on a 6-pack for 2 hours.

$50 for 4 sounds a little too cheap even when we’re talking about Utah 6s. These ladies aren’t going to win any beauty contests but then again if you are wanting to hire 9s and 10s, it’s going to run upwards of $150 an hour.

In this economy we will take cheaper prices over the quality. More for our money.

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