The Afternoon Dump: New Drinking Game, Stagg Party Documentary, The New Lingerie Football League, Hayden Doesn’t Care About Madonna

I like Amanda‘s bikini, it looks awesome.

Dang, Manny is out. They lost last night so the series is over (4-1 Phillies). No worries though, the Rays are still in it. Should be a good game tonight. I believe in you Kazmir. Wait a second, why did they ever change their name to the Rays from Devil Rays?

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Afternoon Dump

A new way to enjoy College GameDay, beer will be required [College Game Balls]

Do you like Jamie’s Music or pictures more? [Bright Black Internet]

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston, it cant be true [Celebslam]

STAGG Party- documentary about a photographer who shoots legit porn stars (NSFW) [IFC]

Sarah Palin likes to scissor people [Co-ed Magazine]

Make sure you go check out your Lingerie Football League team [Epic Carnival]

Beer Pong at a wedding would make it pretty fun [uncoached]

You know you love Tracy Morgan [on 205th]

The bigger she is, the harder it is not to fall [Tasty Booze]

Billy Bob Thornton is sleeping with his wife, it is kind of like Punk’d [Brahsome]

A new soccer move: taking off someones head [Deuce of Davenport]

Hayden is just in a lot of videos today, now it is about Madonna [Drunken Stepfather]

Some girls of the SEC taking some Beer Bongs [Poon of the SEC]

I wouldn’t want to set the record for most cockroaches in my mouth [Camel Tap]

Time for a little battle between these girls [Sports Crackle Pop]