Playboy Playmate WAG Lauren Anderson Still Sees Something In Former Gator Matt Walsh


Through one of our random searches we came across a Playboy Playmate who is a huge Florida Gators fan.

Lauren Anderson made an appearance in Gainesville this past weekend to promote something called FoxxyNews where hot chicks try to get you interested in news you ordinarily wouldn’t care about.

We almost passed by the story and then the sports angle popped into our heads. No! Ms. Anderson is the chick who is still dating and currently unemployed former Spanish league baller.

The Heat just released him and yet this woman is still with him. That is love.

When white guys ruled Florida basketball!

You know, the white guy with the afro who always wore the headband and was really pasty.

Yep, he’s shacking up with this chick and frankly, it makes us sick.

There are couples we just cannot approve of and the Walsh-Anderson relationship reminds us of the ridiculous Tennessee Titans couple.

This is just another lesson to dweebs out there. It’s is possible to land the woman of your dreams.

Grab a headband.

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