USC Song Girls 40th Anniversary Celebration: The Arizona State Game Halftime Show


In honor of the “USC Song Girls 40th Anniversary” we continue with our special BC team coverage of this huge event with photos from Saturday’s game against Arizona State.

It was more of the usual from the ladies.

White sweaters. Short skirts. Hair straight out of a Pantene Pro-V commercial.

There were a few new moves our scouting department had not seen before.


Evan, our chief of scouting, says that the team must have installed a few Wildcat-like maneuvers because he was thrown off by some quasi-leg chop moves (above) from a few of the ladies.

Whatever the case, things are looking good at USC. No complaints from Busted Coverage.

Carry on.

Continuing Coverage Of Song Girls 40th Anniversary Celebration:

[Song Girls Make Men Stare: 40 Photos]


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