The Afternoon Dump: The New TBS, The Hills Is Done For, German Punches Weird Looking Guy, Thank God Nastia Liukin Wants An Acting Career


It seems a plastic surgeon went a little crazy on this surgery.

Hayden Panettiere is hot but she is just dumb for placing this video online. Hayden, your just dumb now.

I want it to be the Rays and Dodgers in the world series but it will prob be the Rays and Phillies. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the Dodgers and the Red sox, seeing Manny kick the crap out of his old team.

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Have a good day guys.

Afternoon Dump

This is the new way TBS will be doing their sport’s shows [Sox and Dogs]

The only true way to recognize a player [The Sports Point]

“The Hills” may be no longer, thank god [Celebslam]

It’s time for Singapore to get some credit for their women [FHM]

If you have a problem with this German and he even ask you “whats your problem” then you may want to leave [Co-ed Magazine]

I am excited, Nastia Liukin is trying to pursue an acting career [College OTR]

Some crazy shows and movies that really don’t make sense for kids to like [uncoached]

The U.S. is pretty high on beer consumption [Tasty Booze]

Time for a hottest cheerleader competition [on 205th]

Some SEC women for you [Poon of the SEC]

Tony you just seem screwed [Machochip]

Madonna is getting a divorce and likes A-Rod [Epic Carnival]

Millions of milkshakes for Miley Cyrus [Drunken Stepfather]

If you are getting a fake ID, some good advice would be NOT to have your girlfriend in it [The World of Isaac]

Man this guy has to be feeling a little hurt after being hit in his jewels [Camel Tap]

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