Rent-A-Cop Refuses To Be Distracted By Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders And Their Bodies



Meet Gary. He takes his job so seriously because it pays the bills.

While making our way through hundreds of photos and garbage across the Internet we found this set of Colts’ cheerleader photos from this past weekend’s game against the Ravens.

At first there was nothing special to them.

But upon further inspection we found “That Guy” Rent-A-Cop in nearly every photo.

We’ll call him Gary.


Turning around to show Gary the garage will not deter Gary.

Gary’s hands are always folded and professional. Impossible, we told ourselves. How can a guy be in all these photos and not be clapping or looking at 7 beautiful women shaking it just 2-3 feet from him.

But this is the new economy. Gone are the days of risking such decent paying jobs.

Gary lost his third-shift manufacturing job with one-week of vacation time and half-pay medical coverage.

Looking for anything to pay the bills he applies for a security job and is told to be ready for work on Sundays. Sporadically.

He shows up Sunday and has no idea his first assignment will be guarding the Indianapolis Colts‘ cheerleaders from men that are visually undressing these ladies.

Gary will not be swayed.

His eyes are fixated on punks who would like to perpetrate.

One glance away from the crowd and it could be all over.

Not on Gary’s watch. This is work. This is the new economy.

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