Toledo WR Celebrates Michigan Victory In Jail Cell

Nick Moore had one day he’ll never forget this past Saturday.
It all started with a Noon kickoff in front of 107,000 fans at Michigan Stadium.
He started making catch, after catch, after…until the little brother of the Saints Lance Moore had grabbed 20 balls, setting a stadium record and making all 30 ESPN highlight replay shows.
His Rockets win 13-10, something that no MAC team had ever accomplished in Ann Arbor.
It was then time to celebrate with a little booze and clubbing. You know the rest if this story is on Busted Coverage.

A sure sign you are getting in a bar fight – the place is named after a wild animal.

Of course Moore and a buddy hit up local UT campus hot spot Ryno’s where they are known for “Chunk Specials” and 30-40 person brawls where police have to jump into the fray, at 2:30 a.m., with cans of mace.
You can guess the rest.

Officers observed about forty people fighting outside of Rhino’s (sic) Bar. When officers got closer they saw Moore involved in a fist fight with 27-year-old Jason Link. Officers sprayed mace into the crowd then arrested Moore and Link. The report says, while officers were dispersing the crowd Albertson Alexandre repeatedly approached the officers ignoring commands to leave. He too was arrested and booked in the Lucas County jail.

A report from the Toledo Blade says that Alexandre tapped on a cop’s gun to get his attention and was ultimately cuffed for being an idiot and drunk.
We say congrats to these Rockets for celebrating like teams used to do in the old days. We’re sick of hearing about how the players went home and had a barbecue. To hell with that. Throw down. Keg stands. Drink a case. Whatever.
Just give us some copy and we can all be happy.

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