The Afternoon Dump: Holy Cross WR Gets Stabbed, The New Shipping Hotel, Kylie Likes To Ride Bulls, Dumb Fan Jumps On Table, New Firing A Coach Website, The Hills Are Going Naked

Man this dress thing that Krystle is wearing is hot.

Wow what about that performance last night by the Browns. Peyton is better than Eli, sorry to say.

Fall break is over now, today is the last day. Sucks. Now its exam time again.

Rays are up in the series 2-1, that is what matters.

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Afternoon Dump

If you win a game you probably shouldn’t go stab your wide receiver [The Sports Point]

1998 jokes are now in the new 2008 movie, will it make us laugh still? [Sports Crackle Pop]

Shipping containers could be your next room [Bright Black Internet]

Results of the Myspace vs. Celebrity contest [Tasty Booze]

Kylie likes to be in her undies on a mechanical bull [on 205th]

If the table is wet then be smart and not jump on it [uncoached]

The “would you do” tourney is now over [The Big Picture]

You would hate him too [Epic Carnival]

If your team sucks you will probably get a website made about firing the coach [Brahsome]

“The Hills” are going naked [Celebridiot]

Black Browns Tailgater Says He’s Getting Rodney King-ed By Cleveland Police, White Guys Stare