The Old Guy Report: Hef Seems To Be Enjoying Life With Shannon Twins, Paterno Not Liking Press Box

Hef’s hand on one Shannon twins’ knee while sister shakes it.

We’re going to keep this one football related so you purists don’t start bitching.

Look at this old guy for a minute and just think that he is the same age as Joe Paterno.

Seriously. Both were born in 1926.

One can barely walk and has to coach 19-year-old pimple popping offensive linemen while the other gets older while his girlfriends stay the same age.

In this case, the girlfriends, the Shannon Twins, are still teens.

Even in their old age these dinosaurs continue to coach and share their wisdom with the younger generation.

The sisters who hope to keep Hef company and spend his money.

Paterno on coaching from the press box:

“The disadvantage is, I like being on the field, seeing what’s going on, if someone gets a little out of whack, sitting them down.”

Hefner on losing his girlfriend, Holly Madison:

(I) felt “like roadkill”.

Each of these archaic figures is now trying to figure out how to live life when roadblocks come at you.

Advantage Hefner. Twins >press box.

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