Daily Dump: Clemson Fan Cries On TV Over Bowden, Ohio State Fans Are Dumb, Lee Corso Merkin, Kornheiser Has To Go & Nalin’ Palin Promo Shots


Haven’t we seen you dropping a hockey puck in Philadelphia?

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Today’s Dump:

Listen up you Clemson crybaby! Grow a set of nuts and quit crying [Sports Point]

Blogger pats self on back after Bowden loses job [Rumors and Rants]

Ohio State fans are dumb, would enjoy Michigan win over 13,000 Dow [Brahsome]

Another Lee Corso merkin sign made it onto GameDay [College GameBalls]

Lou Holtz not exactly a big fan of Colt McCoy [YepYep]

Arizona Cardinals player has a Playboy posing wife [SbB]

Someone needs to end this Kornheiser-Jaws nightmare [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

In other broadcaster news, Chuck Barkely is God [Salty Milk]

Mexican bloggers not exactly amused by Evan Longoria [Machochip]

The NBA season via hot chicks and Star Jones (why?) [Cuzoogle]

Top 5 good guy wrestlers gone bad (no surprises here) [Bush League]

Today’s Tail:

Jaime Lynn Spears on Wheel of Fortune [Holy Taco]

How to tell if she’s sportin’ fake boobs [Coed]

Holly Madison (Hef’s Ex) is single and ready to mingle [Dirty Rotten]

The Nalin’ Palin porn promo shots (SFW) [Don Chavez]

Kelly Brook and her gaudy bikini [CelebSlam]

Salma Hayek’s breasts could explode at any moment [on205th]

Katy Perry does classy spread in Blender without kissing girl [CamelTap]

You can’t coach this chick – it’s impossible [Uncoached]

Those sure look like implants but we’ll let you be the judge [Phil Knows Best]

Meg Ryan’s Halloween costume [Derober]

Watch this hot chick tackle hot sauce bottles [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Daisy de la Hoya gets own white trash show [College OTR]

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