Black Browns Tailgater Says He’s Getting Rodney King-ed By Cleveland Police, White Guys Stare

The first video seen here shows how gansta rap, being black at an all-white Browns tailgate and old school buses don’t mix.

In our expert opinion, this man was singled out for arrest last night before the NY Giants game because:

A. He’s black and we all know in this economy no black guy is buying tickets to see the Cleveland Browns.

B. Tailgating is a white guy’s thing.

C. Baggy pants are not allowed at Browns tailgate.

D. Did we mention the guy is black?

Watch in the first video as police have to carry his ass away from this white-only country club tailgating area complete with classic rock, cornhole and red cups.

Then the punk says the police are going to Rodney King his ass.

We have no evidence or you can be sure our investigators would be forwarding these videos to Cleveland’s top investigator – Carl Monday.

He gets results. We’re just pretenders.

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