The Afternoon Dump: Best Drunk Dial Phone, Mark Wahlberg Is A Little Upset, Britney Spears Is Naked, The New John McCain, Tony Romo Is Out For 4 Weeks, Punch In The Face


Michelle makes you want to watch more soccer.

It’s official, I am going to the Purdue vs. Iowa football game on Nov. 15th. Yes yes I am a little a head of myself because its in a month but I am excited.

Baseball on at 4:37, lets go Rays.

Not feeling too well today.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

The best kind of phone to have when you want to drunk dial someone [Tasty Booze]

Mark Wahlberg is an awesome actor so that might be why he is mad at SNL [Celebslam]

The true meaning of this 80’s song [uncoached]

Britney Spears is pretty close to being naked in her new music video [on 205th]

The best way to have women put their breast in your hands for free [Bright Black Internet]

Joe Biden is now John McCain, duh [Next Round]

Some jobs that are safe for a crash in the economy [Brahsome]

When you get caught you need to just deny it [Co-ed Magazine]

Oh no Cowboy fans, Romo broke a finger, may be out for 4 weeks [Rightfielders]

Never wake up kids in class, its a bad idea [Camel Tap]

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