Daily Dump: Rich Rodriguez Has His Own Song, Tiger Woods Shows Up At NLCS, Hottest NFL Cheerleaders, GameDay UT Part Deux & Top 10 Overrated Chicks




Aren’t you the girlfriend of the guy the Patriots could really use right now? 

How ’bout them Cowboys?

Struggled with the Bungwads and then crash in Arizona. Would a decent NFL team please step forward?

We must also congratulate the Kansas students for not listening to the fat guy prowling your sidelines. You refused to not chant the infamous line from Waterboy. The alums didn’t like it. Screw them. This is college. Get drunk, use profanity and chase skirts. Soon you’ll turn 30 and act like those alum.

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Today’s Dump:

You know things are bad when Rich Rodriguez has his own song [Ryan Parker]

Tiger Woods shows up at NLCS, gets free shirt [Banned In Hollywood]

The hottest NFL cheerleader contest rolls along [on205th]

Just what was Lloyd Carr thinking as UM lost to Toledo [Maize & Blog]

ESPN headed to Austin for second week of UT hype [GameDay]

Rays fan still trying to figure out this whole playoff thing [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Texas Tech complainer has crabs [The Sports Point]

Top 10 overrated chicks that we’d never kick out of the sack [Spike]

The “Would You” tourney is down to its championship match [The Big Picture]

Just what we needed to get us going this week – Tylene Buck [Phil Knows Best]

Brandy Dahl in the “She can kick my ass,” category of chicks [Uncoached]

Top 10 reasons to sleep with a college freshman [College OTR]

Lisa Lopilato is Argentinian and only 21 [Coed]

Stacey Kakes has skunked hair [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

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