Daily Dump: Palin Gets A Philly Hello, KU Students Defy Mangino’s Orders, NBA Played Outside & Harvick-Edwards Fight Photos


Soon to be a popular jersey at Michigan?

What a classic day of college football.

If you are a 10th ranked team, say hello to the Top 7. Ohio State will get back into the Top 10 so all SEC fans can have a whipping boy. Don’t worry, OSU has Michigan State next week. We smell trouble in that one.

Either LSU just isn’t that good or Florida has God at the trigger.

Missouri was hyped a little too much, no? Chase Daniel is good but that’s about it.

And don’t lose sight of Penn State. The QB is solid and they punish people on defense. Very possible sleeper due to the lack of a conference championship game.

Today’s Dump:

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