The Afternoon Dump: Sports Platform, Dumb Unicyclist, Everyone Has Sex Tapes Now, Quick Football Advice, The New Era Of Ice Bullets, Carmen Electra Is Still Alive





I bet if your friend’s mom was Lucy then you would be there all the time.

It’s finally the weekend. It is a special weekend this weekend here at Purdue, it’s Fall Break. Therefore its a 4 day weekend.

Phillies up 1 to 0 over the Dodgers. Game today at 4:35 then the Rays game is at 8:37.

Shame on you if you didn’t go check out The Big Picture on the article about BC but no worries, I got you covered.

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

You know you wont forget about Germantown, Tennessee [Steady Burn]

About to have a celebrity fight showdown in Los Angeles, couple vs couple [The Sports Point]

If you are riding a unicycle don’t act like you can do jumps on it also [Co-ed Magazine]

Marisa and her straddling [on 205th]

Everyone and their sex tapes [Celebslam]

Girls playing volleyball in body paint, awesome (NSFW) [Brahsome]

Off of the field game of Oklahoma vs. Texas [Next Round]

Some quick things to think about football this weekend [Epic Carnival]

Next generation of bullets: ice bullets [Tasty Booze]

Yep Carmen Electra is still around [Camel Tap]

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