Southwest Airlines OU-UT Plane Pull Included Cheerleaders Wearing Stupid Inflatable Hats


Cowboy hats, yes. Dumb inflatables to advertise an airline, NO, NO, NO!

The long standing tradition of fat Texans and equally tubby Oklahomans pulling an 83,000-pound Boeing 737 across a Dallas airport was held yesterday.

Fans of OU and UT worked up a sweat and thirst as they got in some of the only heavy lifting most of them will do all weekend besides lowering kegs out of the Ford 350 Super Duty. OU won according to one citizen foot soldier blogger on the ground.

But the real story here, from a Busted Coverage perspective, was the disgracing of both cheerleading units by asking them to wear some inflatable hat advertising Southwest Airlines.

Can’t people read the side of the plane being pulled? It conveniently has the company name.


The Sooner ladies obviously find the hats funny and won’t ruin their hair with one.

We are hereby alerting both squads that such future stupidity will not be tolerated.

For Texas its a double case of embarrassment. While we find the idea of cheerleaders wearing chaps intriguing, those tops really have to go. Again, we get it. You are from Texas where all the girls run around in collared vests like a cowgirl.

In case you missed it above, OU won the plane pull.


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