Jessica Simpson Gets Sore From Watching Tony Romo Get Sacked, NFL Defenses Make Her Feel It


Sick of Jessica Simpson talking about football and Tony Romo?

Too bad. If you think Erin Andrews is good for page views, you should see how well Jess pulls.

So we bring you her latest video from an interview with some uber-country hipster DJ from The New 93Q in Houston.

In case you get mesmerized by the cleavage and forget she’s talking, we have the highlights.

• Jess can’t pull Romo into Neiman Marcus.

• She’ll go out and about in Dallas if the Cowboys win.

• When Tony gets sacked, she feels it.

• She never knew she’d be this obsessed with football.

• Jess gets sore from the game. Football drains her.

There is more to this interview, but we could only stand about 3 minutes of DJ dweeb. Get through all 6:32 and pat yourself on the back.

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