Daily Dump: Rip Away Jorts, Women Who Dig Hockey Players, Olivia Munn Has Bitter Vodka Face & Katy Perry Cleavage



Rip away jorts are huge with Australians like Krystal.

Again, in case you missed it, the secrets to Busted Coverage can be read at The Big Picture.

Riveting, I know.

It’s a huge weekend for college football. We have a photographer on the ground at the Cotton Bowl ready to battle with the OU and UT fans. We’ve made it very clear to Cody that you guys expect drunken, barely clothed chicks doing dirty things to beer bongs.

Now he has to deliver.

Stop back around 1 p.m. tomorrow for a look at the drunken scene.

Don’t forget to check the lines to see who to throw some friggin’ money on. And to make things interesting, how about a few cool OU-UT prop bets from our friends at BetUS.

Today’s Dump:

The impressive list of women who dig hockey players [100% Injury Rate/Fan IQ]

NBA hairstyles not welcome in Tampa school system [Cuzoogle]

Driving funny cars has its benefits (i.e. autographing boobs) [Don Chavez]

Olivia Munn with bitter vodka face [on205th]

Which Dodgers singers sucked bigger balls: ’81 or ’86 [Machochip]

Going to extremes for baseball tickets, take shot to nuts [Tasty Booze]

Hockey coach shoots chin in hunting accident, seems to be cursed [Rumors and Rants]

The most embarrassing walk of shames [Boosh]

Princeton sexpert explains what to do about loud sex having roommates [College OTR]

How screwed is our economy? This much [Cuzoogle]

What people in Hooters are really thinking [Holy Taco]

Travis Barker back to eating some meat [CelebSlam]

Today’s Tail:

For the people who like porn but not the sex [Banned In Hollywood]

Katy Perry cleavage to get you through the weekend [Derober]

Where has the white trash Britney gone? [Dirty Rotten]

South American chicks refuse coaching [Uncoached]

These women will keep you company today [Coed]

Jessica posts always welcome on this blog [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

She might be a little homely but she’s French and that explains it [CamelTap]

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