The Afternoon Dump: WTF, Starbucks Soon To Be Out Of Business, Choke Artist, One Hard Kick For Sports, The Player’s Pad, Politcal Betting


Only if there could be more Norelys in the world. 

If you missed the secret to Busted Coverage then then check it out over on The Big Picture.

I feel like a complete nerd right now. I just installed Linux because my Windows was messing up and its free. Completely different than Windows and OS.

The Dodgers play at 8:22, not 8:30 but 8:22. Remember that.


Have a good day guys.

Afternoon Dump

This fan knows what he is talking about [The Sports Point]

Watch out Starbucks, your competition has just arrived [Reality Wired]

The better question is, why wouldn’t you wear these suits [Bad Jerseys]

Make sure your kids don’t choke but also watch the Mets [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

You know you are this obvious about it too [on 205th]

A kick is what proves if you are a TRUE fan [Tasty Booze]

Man, it’s all about the live plants, then you are set [Co-ed Magazine]

She is crazy for breaking up with Hugh, he has plenty more [Celebslam]

The ultimate pitch (with help from the military), wow [Bright Black Internet]

The new betting ways: Political Betting [Brahsome]

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