LSU Smoothie King Trash Talking Crybaby Tebow

LSU fan’s favorite week is here. [Photo Credit]

What is with LSU fan and its hatred for Tim Tebow?

The guy travels the world spreading God’s word, using knives and holding babies while posing like Heisman. He cheers up little kids in orphanages who live on rice and a piece of bread.

And yet LSU resorts to such antics as the infamous Teabag Tebow shirt.

Who the hell are we kidding? You think we were going soft?

This stuff is great. It’s just another reason why LSU fan is one of the greatest in college football. They will slam beers. Let little kids party well into the night.

And trash talk the second coming of Jesus H.

Last year (from AJC)

Tebow’s phone started blowing up a week before Florida played LSU last October. He received hundreds of threatening voice and text messages.

Tebow said they increased as the game got closer. He eventually turned the phone off, but had to listen to each voice message and read each text message before deleting them.

This year (via USA Today’s GameOn)

“If we get a good shot on (Tebow), we’re going to try our best to take him out of the game,” Jean-Francois told the Orlando Sentinel.  If LSU can get in such a hit, Jean-Francois added, the effect will be like “a car wreck without a seat belt.”

God won’t stand for such antics. The sinners obviously live in Louisiana.