University Of Idaho Cheerleader New Uniform Grades And Photos



Please, the Taliban-ish officials will not stand for such pornography.

First off, major accolades go out to Larry Johnson at for providing the world with a better look at the new University of Idaho cheerleader uniforms.

We’ve been patiently waiting for professional looking shots to judge the new look.

The editorial staff must say the lack of cleavage is disappointing, but to our surprise there really are decent looking chicks holed up in Moscow, Idaho.

Our Idaho Cheerleader Uniform Grades:

Tops: B+

Thankfully the school still allows the ladies to show off the abs. From the look of things, you could bounce a quarter off most of the ladies. The colors are a little crappy but that could be the lighting in the Kibbie Dome.

Bottoms: A

This is where we are really surprised. The Taliban-ish officials didn’t go with the full length pants to cover up those legs. Instead, we’ve got skin and plenty of it.

Overall: A-

We’re talking the University of Idaho, here. These ladies have shot right up our cheerleader ranking poll based on the fact that they have persevered under intense scrutiny.

These outfits actually look better then the old ones. Classy, yet hot.

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