The Afternoon Dump: 4th Best Quarterback, Girl Gets Owned, Jamie Lynn Spears Is Pregnant Yet Again, Some Awesome Golf Outfits, 18 Facts About College Drinking, Oh And Of Course The Smoking Hayden


Which girl would you be voting for? 

The “Zodiac” is one long movie but it is pretty good.

Over on ESPN they said Eli is better than my boy Peyton. Crazy. Everyone just needs to wait and see what happens here in the next few weeks after Peyton has some game winning performances.

Fantasy Football should be crazy this week, lets see what happens.


Have a good day guys.

Afternoon Dump

Now it’s bad if you think your own quarterback is 4th in the division [The Sports Point]

Sins by some Jewish athletes [Sports Crackle Pop]

Some girls are just not cut out to play sports [The World of Isaac]

Bet you would play golf with your girl if she wore this [Steady Burn]

British women are growing in certain areas [Bright Black Internet]

Jamie better not be pregnant so soon after her last child [Celebslam]

18 drinking facts about college [Co-ed Magazine]

I’d say Hayden but what do you think [Tasty Booze]

The “Who would you” tourney is almost over [The Big Picture]

Oh you would love her to [Brahsome]

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