Daily Dump: John McCain "My Friends" Count, Sports Fans & Sh!tty Tats, NFL All F U Up Team, Adriana Lima Photos, Cool Urinals & Jodie Marsh Is A Freak


New Adriana Lima photos ease debate hangover

My friends, it was a rough night watching the promises. We decided to have an office party and slam beers every time McCain pulled out his ace in the hole “my friends,” line.

Needless to say, Big Gay Rich was talking dirty to Obama every time he took control of the floor. And he was only drinking wine coolers.

It was quite a drunken time and expect things will be pretty slow around here today.

Kudos to Johnny Mac for firing out his famous line 21 times.

Today’s Dump:

Let’s get f#$ked up! Drink when McCain says “my friends” [Brahsome]

Sports fans and their shitty tats [YepYep]

Was Petruzelli supposed to throw the Kimbo fight? [Machochip]

The NFL’s All F U Up Team [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

7 best exile locations for Sage Rosenfels [World of Isaac]

NBA shows that would be cool if ever made [Cuzoogle]

University of Arizona football is relevant thanks to the Hof [Bush League]

A U.S. Senator has his wallet jacked in South Bend [Rumors And Rants]

You might be a tailgater if… [Tailgating Ideas]

Urinals every guy should shower at least once in life [Uncoached]

People who suck in your office: the urinal spitter [Next Round]

Inside the stalls of Congress [Holy Taco]

Owned by a dodge ball medley [Phil Knows Best]

Bands that have no business reuniting (see: boy bands) [Boosh]

David Duchovny leaves sex rehab with a going away present [Derober]

Today’s Tail:

Bartenders! [Coed]

Finally! Some new Adriana Lima pics to keep you busy [Bastardly]

The chick from ‘Chuck’ can kick ass [on205th]

Jodie Marsh has freakish looking boobs [Dirty Rotten]

Trish Stratus in some lingerie [CamelTap]

Halle Berry sperminated again? [CelebSlam]

Maybe we already posted this link to a Bond Girl, oh well [Don Chavez]

Ho, hum another latina chick worth checking out [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

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