University Of Idaho Cheerleaders Reveal New Uniforms, Still Showing Bare Skin


That looks like some navel jewelry. Illegal!

Sports Blogosphere Breaking News!
The Internet has been patiently waiting to see what type of uniform the Taliban-ish officials at the University of Idaho would put their cheerleaders in.

The world has a single, grainy, television screen grab to look at and surprisingly the girls are still showing that highly controversial midriff but the cleavage is history.

The faux leather freaked out the Idaho natives.

KTVB has a detailed description of the new look:

The new uniforms feature a more traditional top with a silver “I” on the front. Short black shorts with silver detailing finish off the attire.

So traditional.

We’re glad this national nightmare can finally have a happy conclusion.

Idaho football can now go back to its non-existence.

This was the sexy “I don’t have any skin above my legs,” look.

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