Daily Dump: Jews Gone From MLB Playoffs, New Cubs Curse Possibilities, Joe Six Pack QBs, Drunker Than Amy Winehouse & Katy Perry Cleavage



Raider fans enjoying each other more than this season.

Who really gives two shits about Plaxico Burress.

Well, Mike and Mike, of course. Wire to wire coverage this morning since it is the most compelling story of the week.

Can’t we get some “Is Seth Petruzelli the gayest straight guy to ever win an MMA match,” debate on ESPN Radio?

Sox-Rays. Erin Andrews is screwed now.

Today’s Dump:

Cubs fan still trying to comphrehend how they can still be losers [Rumors and Rants]

New Cubs curse possibilities [Next Round]

Joe Torre and Justin Timberlake has so much in common [Bush League]

Phillies send home the Jews only hope for a ring this year [Meaningful Collateral]

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin really likes fantasy baseball [Brahsome]

Washington State opening QB tryouts to Joe Six Pack’s [The Big Picture]

Bigger dork school having better season: Vandy or Northwestern [College OTR]

Tuesday Night Football, make some friggin’ money [BetVega]

7 videos to prove tailgating with LSU fans would be great [Uncoached]

Spend a day in Plaxico’s shoes [Blue Monkey Disco Party]

Evel Knievel was cooler than you really know [Machochip]

Proof Asians are addicted to card games [Holy Taco]

Are you drunker than Amy Winehouse! [Liquid Generation]

Looks like someone could use another stiff drink [Tasty Booze]

Let’s see Jay-Z match this guy’s rapping skills [Camel Tap]

Today’s Tail:

Sara Jean Underwood gives you idiots some secrets to success [Spike]

Remembering summer and the car wash girls [Coed]

Those implants on Buff’s chest look a little too big [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Katy Perry has some serious cleavage going on [Dirty Rotten]

Megan Fox’s feet are lickable [on205th]

Dayana has perfect jaw structure [CelebSlam]

The red carpet at a porn premiere [Comedy.com]

Salma Hayek seeking some paying jobs [Derober]

Strip Monopoly with an Asian (SFW) [Bright Black Internet]

We’re guessing porn star [Don Chavez]

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