The Afternoon Dump: Military Knows How to Have Fun, Wisconsin Band Likes Sex And Booze, Dark Knight’s Toy Story Edition, Great Photoshop Skills, Jessica and Tony Are Forever, Oh Mark and Your Animals


Oh Anna, smoking like usual.

Colts score 21 points in 2:10 seconds.

Cubs get swept.

Great weekend other than the bad call in the Purdue game. If Penn State gets stopped on third down on the goal line then goes for it on fourth down and gets stopped again at goal line it shouldn’t be really fair to review third down when fourth down was already played.  Still proud to hold the hold Penn State to only 20 points when they average upper 40s.

Have a good day guys. 

Afternoon Dump

Elisa likes to shoot people down [Sports Crackle Pop]

The military still knows how to have fun [Bright Black Internet]

Wow Wisconsin, your band is giving you a bad name now [Co-ed Magazine]

The Dark Knight is now going mini like Toy Story [on 205th]

Who doesn’t want a humping USB drive [Tasty Booze]

Man, don’t you wish you had as good of Photoshop skills [uncoached]

Everyone loves Jay and Silent Bob oh and the irony [Brahsome]

Hope you didn’t forget about J-Sim and T-Rom [Epic Carnival]

For all of the SEC women lovers [Poon of the SEC]

Duh, Mark talks to animals, everyone knew that [Next Round]

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