Erin Andrews Switches On Sox, Now Rays Fan?

Evan getting mic time with the Rays newest fan earlier this year. 

There was a small blurb that popped onto the NY Times baseball blog late Friday night when most people had already headed to the bars or to dinner.

And it pretty much flew under the radar all weekend.

Is it possible Erin Andrews has switched allegiances on her beloved Boston Red Sox?

That’s right, Erin Pageviews (® With Leather), who gets paid to interview players made a special in-game appearance on the Tropicana’s circa 1993 JumboTron.

She was on the field during batting practice, interviewing Evan Longoria, Carlos Pena and some delighted White Sox players.

Imagine those Chicago players’ thoughts if, after they took a 2-0 lead in the first inning, they looked up at the monster screen in right field and watched a 100-decibel, crowd-inspiring team commercial in which various pseudo-celebrities implored Rays fans to “FEEL THE HEAT!” One of them was none other than Andrews, who chanted, “Let’s Go Rays! Let’s Go Rays!”

Hmm, now she is a Rays fan?

That’s odd.

She told Bill Simmons (somehow transcribed by Awful Announcing) during a 2007 interview that she was a Red Sox fan who owned a Big Papi shirt.

Can’t the mainstream media just leave EA alone? You guys accuse bloggers of starting shit. Between Nadal and the Times it’s hard to figure out who’s trying to sell more newspapers and get more pageviews.

Leave the hype to us lowlife bloggers. We excel at such antics.