Daily Dump: Leryn Franco Boob Action, Auburn Fans Invade Nashville, Colorado Frats Brawl, Sage Rosenfels Is Sorry & Hot Gamer Chicks




Ms. Zima did a small photo shoot for Complex.com and Camel Tap has the pics. 

We’re one game away from getting a dream scenario. No Chicago Cubs. White Sox. Red Sox. Yankees.

Fox Sports is about to choke on Boston nuts as the Angels go up 2-1 in 12. At least they will get the L.A. market and a bunch of old people in Tampa.

How do you think Sage Rosenfels feels this morning? And you thought drinking 12 beers and 4 shots was a bad decision. Sage finds a way to give the Colts 21 points in 5 minutes to keep Houston winless.


Today’s Dump:

Leryn Franco hits runway, makes blogger’s dream come true (NSFW) [on205th]

The highlight for Auburn fans in Nashville came after the game [Friends of the Program]

Who knew Stanford and Notre Dame hate each other so much [Rumors and Rants]

Speaking of hating each other, frats at Colorado brawl after molotov cocktail [College OTR]

College football freshman are overtaking the world [Angry T]

Cardinals turn Trent Edwards into Kimbo Slice [SbB]

Sage Rosenfels is the new Billy Wagner [Sports Karma]

It’s official, the Giants are the best team in football [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Madonna and Arod compared gun boats over dinner? [Derober]

NBA motivational posters if you really care [Cuzoogle]

Gamer nerds will love the women who play World of Warcraft [Phil Knows Best]

This chick will wake you up for another week of work [Uncoached]

Britney Spears spends weekend racing go-carts WITHOUT cell phone [Banned In Hollywood]

Testicle cookbook: Cooking with testicles [Holy Taco]

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