Columbus Crew Captain Frankie Hejduk A Man Of The People, Pounds Beers With Tailgaters



For those about to chug, Frankie salutes you. [Photo Credit]

Frankie Hejduk isn’t exactly your household American sports name.

He’s been on the US World Cup team, Olympic teams, played in Europe, and is currently captain for the Columbus Crew. But he suddenly jumped into a possible Busted Coverage Hall of Fame nomination after his performance Saturday night before the much anticipated Crew-LA Galaxy (with Beckham, don’t miss the Beck’s blowup doll that showed up in Cbus for this one) match. Hejduk, suspended for this game, took to the parking lot and joined in with the fans for cold beers and some good old fashioned American soccer chants. And cameras were rolling.

Name another team captain in mainstream sports that has recently been snapped standing on a truck bed, slamming beers and throwing up the horns. Derek Jeter barely mingles with the lowlifes who pay his salary. Does Peyton Manning even drink? Tom Brady is too busy with that girfriend to pull such stunts. But Frankie will not stand for such grandstanding. He will chug a beer and throw the horns. Here’s to Frankie.

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