The Afternoon Dump: Brett Favre Compared To Kenny, College Punchlines, Taco Bell Being Skinny, Hayden Is A Hottie, Declare Yourself Went Crazy


I would have wine with Jennifer

Cubs lost, i think sweep.

Purdue host Penn State tomorrow. We got this. 12:00 PM Purdue will dominate Penn State.

 Watched “The Mist” last night because I heard the ending would be spectacular, definitely not worth the 2+ hours i waisted watching it. I do not recommend this movie.

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Have a good day guys. 

Afternoon Dump

Kenny (from Southpark) is just like Brett from the Jets [The World of Isaac]

Man, I love Punchlines. . . especially college football ones [The Sports Point]

This is why everyone knows Jar Jar Binks [uncoached]

Hmm. . . is Shannon your type? [on 205th]

Taco Bell is being very hypocritical with these spokesman  [Epic Carnival]

He is not alone, everyone wants Hayden [Celebslam]

Wow, the whole getting people to vote campaign is getting a little out of hand [Next Round]

Jodie Marsh definitely likes to dominate in relations [Drunken Stepfather]

Fantasy football players should hate BYE weeks [Tasty Booze]

Could be bad to have OVERCONFIDENCE [EDSBS]

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