Lingerie Football Friday: Los Angeles Temptation Practice Quarterback-Center Snaps At Bar


So many times you see a quarterback-center snap issue cost teams a victory.

Ben Roethlisberger is notorious for having issues.

Kurt Warner? Don’t even get us started.

But in the Lingerie Football League it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

See, these women practice this part of the game. They even seem to enjoy it.

Our researchers found that the Los Angeles Temptation will go as far as practicing inside a nightclub as cameras catch the action.

Teams around the LFL are busy getting ready for the season and this is the type of focus that is going to help one of these teams climb to the pinnacle of lingerie football.

Now we’ll shut up and get to the photos.

l_01ae34aefca4bcb90b0aa6c7472af8d5.jpg l_474fe00b0ced07cd6fac3cccef6fda6a.jpg l_86dd7470fc899e5fce7bd9da24575a5a.jpg l_cc141a9ad981812f154d9b33ecfe0c89.jpg l_3ea781fedf1e9a3e9716a5a68ac2c9be.jpg l_388d3cec6a48e5ecfa3617de1b4aadba.jpg l_10b01a25556a35ff1cd6ec38f06c656f.jpg l_79506f2992ea543c73721b8013182c7d.jpg l_14263f613966ce48c1ef9586e790c6b9.jpg

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