Lingerie Football Friday: Former SUNY Fredonia Cheerleader Career Comes Full Circle, Joins Caliente


This will likely be the last time SUNY-Fredonia gets mentioned on Busted Coverage.

The New York state university system school has reason to be proud of one of its former cheerleaders, Aimee Maggio, a recent addition to the Miami Caliente lingerie football team.

We’re unsure of what position she will play since this fledling league has yet to set its rosters, but one look at Maggio tells us she has the body of a running back (in a good way).


That’s right, the Juice is loose on this blond football player.

She seems to be the Warrick Dunn of lingerie football. Thin, athletic build, quick to the hole, shifty and strong enough to stiff arm a DB. She also handles the post-game party scene like a real pro, posing for photos with The Juice. Not exactly a smart move, blondie.

Obviously we’ll have our researchers keeping an eye on Ms. Maggio as the Lingerie Bowl gets closer.

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