Lingerie Football Friday: Alexandra Capriola Is Hottest Right Tackle To Ever Step On Turf


From Wikipedia: The right tackle (RT) is usually the team’s best run blocker. Most running plays are towards the strong side (the side with the tight end) of the offensive line. Consequently the right tackle will face the defending team’s best run stoppers.

At a strapping 5-5, 110, Alexandra Capriola will be facing some of the nastiest, strongest outside rushers in the Lingerie Football League.

But something tells us this member of the Phoenix Scorch can hold her own as bodies collide into a pile of tanned legs, barely dressed females as defenders try to rip apart the QB.

See, this chick comes from the Middleburg Heights, O.

Better known as Cleveland. As a GM, when you go out looking for female offensive linemen it is the first place to look. It just happens that this one is easily the hottest chick to ever play professional football and walk away from Middleburg Heights.

Congrats to all the men in Phoenix who will get to stare at her.

l_ad499e06cc913973211bfcdd9c5c1438.jpg l_8c2c126eb19755155277e5df85f3a401.jpg l_0536b79914067efb4e0224f1d12960f9.jpg l_a8caa7e4e33fe54c9fca9633765eaec8.jpg l_957edc5fee8622b7285f3d39f8cc173a.jpg l_453876b7f6a37ae8d60a3780c0dd76a8.jpg l_e66460c1421e0c756b3fa345762a57dd.jpg

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