Hey Look! That Song Girl Magically Has New Legs


Look! Odd legs have been attached to this Song Girl’s torsoe. 

Our friends out at ‘SC wanted us to take a look at the investigative work being done by Scott Wolf at the Daily News.

It seems Wolf, working for a dinosaur with money to blow on such research, unveiled two photos of this year’s Song Girls team that have been floating around the Internet.

In one version we see a young lady on the end. Looking at the above version you will see legs in her place.


Ahh, but you haven’t heard the explanation from school officials.

“After this year’s song girl photo was taken, Allison Daniels was offered an attractive business internship that conflicted with her ability to continue as a song girl. She had been a song girl for 2.5 years, so everyone agreed that the internship was such that it would be beneficial to her business career if she took it.

It’s always commendable when a young lady turns down the opportunity to be stared at by 50,000 men each Saturday.

Now getting back to those Photoshopped legs. Just where does one find legs to attach to a Song Girls body? Is there an Internet clip art site that specializes in such individual pieces?

What Adrianna’s legs really look like 


Adrianna at the front of the line. 


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