The Afternoon Dump: Beckham Has A Crush, Big Sport Saves, Brady Quinn Should Want College, FBI Takes Anna Hathaway Nudes, Classic 2001 Google Search




Now this girl knows what she likes

The art of a Power Hour. A shot of beer every minute for an hour. You think it wouldn’t do to much to you but it does. Thats 90 oz. of beer compared to 60 oz. from a pitcher of beer. Oh and the good thing about it is that everyone should be at the same pace of beer so no one can complain who had more. The hard thing about a Power Hour is trying to find a video one; music ones are simple to find but not videos. If you get bored you should make one.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Beckham is just going crazy over “entourage” [Sports Crackle Pop]

Some crazy sports plays that had a big save [Steady Burn]

This is a close battle: Man (while drunk) vs. Wall [Bright Black Internet]

This kid looks terrified after seeing this car drive [Co-ed Magazine]

First Britney has a sex tape and now she wants a tour [Celebslam]

The reason why Brady Quinn should have stayed at Notre Dame longer [uncoached]

Time for the myspace vs. celebrity contest, who will win [Tasty Booze]

She is one hot Latin women [on 205th]

You know your in trouble when the FBI takes your nude pictures, just ask Anne Hathaway [College OTR]

Still round 4 in the “would you do. . .” tourney [The Big Picture]

A time machine of Google Search, try this out [Brahsome]

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