Erin Andrews Sexual Innuendo Hall Of Fame Photos


As you already know there isn’t a day that goes by when a new Erin Andrews (exp.) photo doesn’t pass our photo editors’ desk.

We hired a gay guy to handle the photo duties because he doesn’t like boobs.

The job gets done quickly.

You should see BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich sift through hundreds of EA shots. Our readers only get the classics and somehow, someway the one above from basketball season got past our gay editor.

Our editorial board has nominated the I (heart) B-Jays shot to the “Busted Coverage/Erin Andrews Sexual Innuendo Photo Hall of Fame.”

Other nominees after the jump…

Look at the smile on this guy’s face. Sweet erotica!

She won’t even touch him. Smart move. He’s probably from Jersey and is all sweaty from…walking.

Should we even ask what’s in the bag?

A Wisky fan tries to get Erin’s number with a bag of beer battered fish fillets?

Erin Andrews Loves The Hardwood.

Instant #1 in this hall of fame if they could have gotten her in the same frame.

This Hall of Famer has attracted over 153,000 hits on Deadspin since it’s premiere 

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