Daily Dump: Did Tebow Really Cry?, Athletes Who Deserve Calendars, Cubs Singer Booted From TGI Friday’s, Alyssa Milano Cruises & Some Chick Named Shanda Panda




Stephanie lounges around awaiting the latest installment of the Daily Dump. 

We notice With Leather has already changed it’s title from “sports gossip for masturbation enthusiasts.”

That was catchy and probably returned some interesting Google hits.  

That Jets tailgating car-beque was a bigger hit then we ever imagined. So this should be a lesson to all of you wanting to shoot a YouTube classic. Take your car to a tailgate, move the women and children away from the scene and light that Hyundai.

Throw some steaks on the hood for cinematic greatness.

Just some suggestions. 

Today’s Dump:

A list of athletes who deserve their very own calendar [Angry T]

Did Tebow really cry again? Grow a pair, sally [Losers With Socks]

TGI Fridays boots Cubs supporting singer in Milwaukee restaurant [Machochip]

Alyssa Milano likes cruising baseball clubhouses [Banned In Hollywood]

Blogger says goodbye to lovely Shea Stadium [Rumors and Rants]

Michigan mudbowl tourney ends in blood [College OTR]

Kickballers are brawlers in Brooklyn [Steady Burn]

The latest crazy story about Floridians [Tasty Booze]

The long list of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends [YepYep]

Today’s Tail:

More boobs than you’ve seen in a short life [Coed]

Top Ten Tattooed MySpace Chicks [Hottest Girls Of MySpace]

No kidding, this chick is known as Shanda Panda [Phil Knows Best]

Porn valley tries to cash in on Sarah Palin’s look (NSFW) [Don Chavez]

Porn movie actually has premiere with red carpet, clothed women [Holy Taco]

Get a good look at the newest foreign FHM chick [CamelTap]

Dolphins chick vs. Jets chick: who you got [on205th]

Face it, you cannot coach Kelly Brook [Uncoached]

Scarlett Johannson went and got married [Derober]

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