Daily Dump: Hottest NFL Cheerleader Contest Continues, Brett Favre's Top 10 Sidekicks, Alabama Is NOT #1 & Audrina Partridge Takes A Dip



Audrina cools off at the pool this weekend. 

The NY tabloids are having a great time making fun of the Mets this morning. 
How is it possible for a team to repeat a choke job two seasons in a row? Bullpen, maybe? Obviously Willie Randolph was the issue in Queens.

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Today’s Dump:
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Steelers -5 favorites tonight on MNF [BetVega]
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Even more signs seen in Athens [Las Vegas Football Jesus]
Giving NBA teams new nicknames is amusing [Cuzoogle]
A frisky chick from Tennessee [Hottest Girls of MySpace]
Australia should be very proud of this homeland chick [Coed]
Audrina Partridge goes to some pool party [Dirty Rotten]
Our crush, Jillian Beyor, named Playboy model of the year [Uncoached]
Top 10 party themes for Virginia Tech [College OTR]
This guy has been arrested over 1,300 times [Holy Taco]

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