USF Offensive Lineman Has Way W/ Ladies, Words

It’s nearing 10 months since we checked in with well-built blond chick getting, University of South Florida offensive lineman Thomas Edenfield.
Our initial research into Thomas was due to the fact that these photos surfaced and proved that the o-line can do some big eating on the club scene just like those QBs and RBs.
We were proud of Thomas. Pulling high-quality blonds and managing a full load of classes will ruin the best in the business.
And then his creative writing class blog was brought to our attention.
Of course BC was going to delve deeper into this guy’s mind.

When I hear the song a country boy can survive it reminds me of my grandfather.
I think that the song is like an anthem for rednecks because it was written and sung by one…

Good start. What else do you have for us?

When I first looked at this assignment I was very confused. “For sale baby shoes, never worn” I was like this Hemingway guy is off the reservation with this one.

Excellent, he was studying Hemingway.
But what about voting. Did you vote today (February)?

I did not vote the other day because one our coach doesnt give us time off for things like that. If I had the time to vote i would have voted. I am a registered voter but have never got a chance to actually go and cast my vote. Next time there is an election I will be done here so I will def have enough time to go to the polls and make my voice be heard.

There you have it, folks. The coaching staff at USF won’t let their players out of practice to vote.

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