The 17 All-Time Worst ESPN GameDay Signs

Nice painting, kid. We’re sure ESPN loved it. Thanks for trying. Loser!

It all began 15 years ago.
Back in 1993, ESPN took it’s College GameDay show on the road and the rest is history. The very first road show was held at the Game of the Century, Notre Dame vs. Florida State in South Bend. Corso picked FSU and, of course, Notre Dame won.
What has happened since is the transformation of college football into a billion dollar industry.
We’ve already honored this anniversary with the best signs. Now it is time to shower shame on those who spent time creating signs only to FAIL! In honor of those people Busted Coverage has compiled the “20 All-Time Worst ESPN College GameDay Signs.”

ESPN isn’t amused. FAIL!


Nice try, but this is really friggin’ stupid.


Too many words, need thicker font.


Can’t spell what….


Really? We figured you smelled your douchiness.


The 80s wants its sign back











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