Daily Dump: Martha Stewart & Giant Hot Dog, Oregon State Fans Go Crazy, Fukudome Not Allowed, Andy Gray Loves Us & We Love Jillian Beyor



A Polish model heats up October’s edition of German Vogue

How about that shocker last night!

Jim proposed to Pam!

Oh, shit, you probably thought we’d use this space to go crazy over USC losing. See, we’re on EST so staying up past Nightline just isn’t possible unless you want the Daily Dump at noon.

Yeah, USC has superior athletes, great coaching, hot cheerleaders, etc. But for some reason there is this ability to play down to some of the sorriest teams in college football. Last year Stanford and now Oregon State. Pete is going to feel the heat on this one. 

Today’s Dump:

Inadvertent porn of the week: Martha Stewart and this hot dog [Blog of Hilarity]

Oregon State fans love Erin Andrews, post-game celebrations [The Play in CA]

Larry Johnson and white women go together like PB&J [UnCoached]

Fukudome jersey not allowed on Casual Friday’s [Rumors and Rants]

Once again, SI’s Andy Gray goes out of way to show BC some love [Solid Verbal Podcast]

If L.A. had a professional football team… [Banned In Hollywood]

Survivor Gabon: What you need to know [Cuzoogle]

That’s not how you do a flaming shot, stupid [Tasty Booze]

Get revenge on your ex by give him/her crabs [NextRound]

Ben & Jerry’s to start using human breast milk in ice cream [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail: 

Jillian Beyor is one of our all-time favorites [Coed]

Selma Blair looking kinda hooker-ish [Dirty Rotten]

Lindsay and her lesbian girlfriend [CelebSlam]

We have no idea who this is but she has a lucky dog [Derober]

Strippers would make Presidential debate more interesting [Don Chavez]

Blogger is infatuated with English women in bikinis [on205th]

Brenda Lynn is a little top heavy [Hottest Girls Of MySpace]