The Afternoon Dump: Race Walking Scandal, Brit and K-FED, Hot USC Cheerleaders, Jason Bourne Is Alive, David Blaine Can’t Die


What would you want to do with Marisa and Miranda?

Oh it’s one of the best times of the semester right now. It’s exam time. Meaning there is no time for anything. Studying is a top priority, just sucks when you have other classes to also go too. The worst kind of exam is the ones at night time, like the 8PM exam. Oh, I have those.

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Afternoon Dump

Red Sox closer really enjoys his champaign, maybe a bit tipsy [World of Issac]

Wow, even Race-Walkers are doping it up [Steady Burn]

Standing over a “open 24 hrs” sign is an honor [Bright Black Internet]

Britney and K-Fed, yet again [Celebslam]

The USC head cheerleading coach sure does know how to pick an awesome squad [Co-ed Magazine]

All the information you will ever need about beer in one simple circle diagram [Tasty Booze]

I’m telling you, Jason Bourne is REAL [Next Round]

Corrie does look like an angel walking down the runway [uncoached]

Everyone watches David Blaine even if you want him dead [Drunken Stepfather]

12 Cigarette ads that your mother would have a fuss about [Camel Tap]

Round 4 of the “Would you do” tournament [The Big Picture]

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