Gambling 2.0: Bet On Obama-McCain Debate


Our friends at BetVega have news today that our other friend BetUS has lost its mind and is now offering gambling odds on the first presidential debate featuring Barry and Johnny Boy.

If they ever get the hell out of Washington.

Finally, a way to tie politics into the sporting world. A moneyline.

Here are the “Top 5 Gambling Lines For The Barry Vs. Former POW Presidential Debate.” 

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How many questions will Barack Obama be asked before he calls John McCain out of touch?
Over       3              -120
Under     3              -120

How many times will Barack Obama say “Change”?
None                      +2000
1 – 5 Times              +600
6 – 10 Times            -350
11 – 15 Times         +200
16 – 20 Times          +280
Over 20 Times       +250

Will John McCain remember how many houses he owns if asked during the debate?
Yes         -400
No           +300

Who will be the first candidate to mention 9/11?
Barack Obama       +110
John McCain        -150

How many times will the candidates begin a response with “That’s a great question”?
Over       4½           -120
Under   4½        -120

See the entire list of debate gambling options and get a great bonus via BetVega.

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