Daily Dump: New Allison Stokke Photos, Chicks Wearing NFL Jerseys, Tribute To Matt Millen, Baron Davis A Big Fat Pig & New Jessica Alba Photos



The body yes. Face…not so much. A reason, we think to pick up Hungarian FHM.

We’re going to try to have a return to normal. If you can’t access the site and we won’t answer emails you’ll know BC headed for the Canadian border.

It’s pretty close to HQ.

Thankfully our 8 hour nightmare is over.

In sports news, USC is back to prime time tonight. What, South Carolina not available?

25-point favorites are headed to Oregon State.

Today’s Dump:

Let’s start with several new Allison Stokke photos surfacing [Coed]

This guy’s dream comes true, touches Erin Andrews back [Flickr]

If you are into chicks wearing NFL jerseys: attn. Jimmy Traina [Uncoached]

A Redskins fan with a Tony Romo license plate [Fan IQ/100% Injury Rate]

You knew it was coming; a tribute to the departed Matt Millen [Ryan Parker]

Jackie Robinson and Clay Aiken in same headline = funny [Next Round]

Baron Davis is a big fat pig, goes on Jenny Craig diet [Sports By Brooks]

Blogger knows of 7 NBA players that irritate him [Cuzoogle]

Roger Clemens has feelings? Good, now shove ’em up your ass [Rumors and Rants]

A blogger’s imaginary visit to Raiders HQ [The Play In CA]

Todd Jones has some options on table post-playing days [Meaningful Collateral]

24-year-old millionaire who still lives with parents, can’t get chicks [College OTR]

Oktoberfest: College style [Boosh]

Blasting gas on an officer will get you cuffed [Don Chavez]

Toys that make you wet [YepYep]

Today’s Tail:

It’s that time: vote, again, on hot NFL cheerleaders [on205th]

Mini Me is getting this? [Holy Taco]

Phil tells us you need to see this Southern Belle; we listened [Phil Knows Best]

Take a look inside Kendra Wilkinson’s diary [BushLeague]

Even more Jessica Alba in Cabo bikini photos [Banned In Hollywood]

Usually angry, this guy finds happiness with Charlotte [Angry T]

Her future children will be so proud some day of this photo [Bright Black Internet]

Mexican bloggers mesmerized by this latina [Machochip]

There’s just something about Amandine that intrigues us [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

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