BC Special Report: Cassie Keller Is America's Hottest 18-Year-Old College Student

Update#2: The readers have spoken. A 24-hour front page featuring Ms. Keller is the only solution to yesterday’s ills. Your wish is granted.
Update: A BC visitor says Cassie attends Central Michigan University.

That’s right, fellas, some of you lucky punks go to school with Cassie

Trying to figure our where Cassie Keller goes to college is like solving a 30-year-old crime.
There are small leads, but we need informants to step forward. Someone must take credit for going to school with this chick.
We never even opened the search for “America’s Hottest 18-Year-Old College Student.”
Cassie, who’s already posed naked for Playboy (SFW), wins in a landslide.


Ms. Keller’s ‘About Me’ at Model Mayhem:

I am just starting in modeling. Although I have accomplished alot in a very short period of time. I am 18 years old and in college but my days are extremley flexible. I am very easy to work with. I want the best for myself and the photographer and will work hard to accomplish that(.)

And her modeling credits are:

Playboy Special Edition College Girls Cover shoot (comin Dec. 2nd)
Other Playboy special editions
Playboy’s Pro Football NFL Picks
Olympics most controversial Swimsuits “Suit Up”
Test shot for Playmate

That’s right, guys, she was one of the Playboy chicks who modeled the Team USA Speedos.
All this and still just 18.
We’ll continue to track Cassie’s career because we know you guys really care about such intriguing, feel good stories.
Special thanks to the Official Chris Duncan for tipping us off about this chick. Go read his story about the mayhem at the Playboy Girls of the Big Ten Ohio State party.

Ohio State Playboy Girls Of Big Ten Party Photos
Ohio State Playboy Girls Of Big Ten Party Photos
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