U. Of Colorado Frat Banner: We Get Girls Wet

The infamous Delta Chi fraternity at the University of Colorado is up to no good – again – and school officials are not amused.

The above banner was revealed this week at the frats house proclaiming “Delta Chi: We Get Girls Wet”

The student newspaper says there has been plenty of activity around the frat house this week.

A bull’s-eye was also painted on the large white, cloth sign. College-aged men were setting up a dunk tank outside the house Tuesday night but declined to comment about what the sign meant.

Ahh, dunk tank. That explains it.

This probably would be a non-story if it wasn’t Delta Chi, the same fraternity that was kicked out of CU for trashing a motel room earlier this year.

School officials aren’t amused by the latest stunt.

“There are roughly 1,500 students on the Hill this week visiting fraternities and sororities, and (Delta Chi) still has the letters on the house,” Stine said. “It’s not representative of the fraternity community.”

But what do you expect when 2007-2008 pledges look like this: