Rebirth Of The Cool : Busted Coverage Returns From The Dead

Today was a long day for those of us associated with Busted Coverage.

When you see your site read “(…)Cannot Be Found,” it’s usually not a very good feeling.

The issue is:

A. Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard and Campus Clicks brought you a traffic Armageddon, plus a Digg front page and massive Stumble traffic leads to blowing up a server at your host.

B. Your host gets a cease and desist letter and shuts your ass down.

At about 230 EST the power went out via B.

We won’t go into details but the problems have been resolved and onward we march. The only thing we will say is that BC has one objective here: to promote popular culture and the companies that make it happen.

If someone felt harmed, we regret the issue.

To our advertisers…sorry for the 7 hours of downtime. Can we buy you a drink or something?

Things get back to normal in the morning. And if you are here looking for Playboy Girls of the Big Ten photos…go away.

–Busted Coverage